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When you’ve enjoyed your Dippy experience of Meeting Dippy and visiting the Dippy Exhibition, there’s also a range of roarsome events and activities taking place throughout the borough.

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@xaverdavid Scientists are still making discoveries about dinosaurs. Check out this fascinating article from the humans at @NHM_London about how some dinosaurs looked after their little ones:

@xaverdavid Very good question, human! I'm part of the dinosaur family called sauropods. We're very big - I'm 26 metres long! Pretty cool, eh? Anyway, scientists have found sauropod trackways around the world, proving that we walked around on land and that many travelled in herds.

Wise words from my friends @eurekamuseum
DippyOnTour photo
Eureka! Museum @eurekamuseum
Have you been to meet Dippy yet? The amazing Diplodocus from the @NHM_London is up in't North-West until December, and it's FREE to visit! (though book in advance, obvs) :D #DippyOnTour

The nights may be drawing in, but you can still make the most of the great outdoors! Follow this new trail, named after me, to discover all about the natural history around my temporary home in Rochdale: DippyOnTour photo

#DYK, I’m one of the oldest vegans in town? Unlike dinos like the T. rex, I’m a herbivore and my diet consists of trees and plants like ferns and conifers. Want to know more about me? Ask me a question in the comments below! DippyOnTour photo

It’s great that my friends can still see exciting exhibits - like this replica of my skull - safely. You don’t need to book to come & see me at Riverside. You can just pop in and say hi. More info here: DippyOnTour photo