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When you’ve enjoyed your Dippy experience of Meeting Dippy and visiting the Dippy Exhibition, there’s also a range of roarsome events and activities taking place throughout the borough.

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I’m being very well looked after in Rochdale and reflecting on the wonderful times I’ve had on my tour so far. These photos have brought back some lovely memories. Do you have photos you could share to cheer me up? @Touchstones DippyOnTour photo

If you like to get crafty, you can have a little piece of me in your home. The arty team have created a paper model of my skull which you can cut out and fold. My actual skull is 61 cm long, but this version is tiny enough to fit on a shelf: @Touchstones DippyOnTour photo

Did you know that birds have a lot in common with dinosaurs like me? They’re descended from the same group of dinosaurs that the T. rex belonged to. So why are birds the only surviving dinosaurs? You can find out all about it in this nifty animation: DippyOnTour photo

I’ve got lots of time to reflect at the moment, so I’ve been reminiscing about my UK tour. In Dorset, I found out about the amazing Jurassic Coast & the fantastic fossils that can be found there. Do you know your trilobites from your sharks’ teeth? DippyOnTour photo

I’ve met so many people on my UK tour so far and I’ve been reading through the letters some of my lovely Rochdale visitors sent when they came to visit. If you came to see me, what are your memories of your visit? @RochdaleCouncil @Touchstones DippyOnTour photo

Although you can’t see me in person at the moment, you can have a virtual walk around me in my current home at Number One Riverside and see the exhibition @Touchstones from the comfort of your own home with this amazing tour 😍
DippyOnTour photo