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When you’ve enjoyed your Dippy experience of Meeting Dippy and visiting the Dippy Exhibition, there’s also a range of roarsome events and activities taking place throughout the borough.

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Discover the history of our most famous dinosaur, Dippy the Diplodocus 🦕

When the Dippy was unveiled in 1905, the dinosaur became a star, and has since featured in newspaper cartoons, news reports and even played starring roles in film and TV.

Last year was tough, but @DippyOnTour brought smiles. 🦕🥰You can look back on the dinosaur's visit to Rochdale in a @channel5_tv special tonight. 'Natural History Museum: World of Wonder' airs at 8pm. @NHM_London @JEMsoc @Touchstones #NaturalHistoryMuseum *pic taken pre covid DippyOnTour photo

Hello lovely humans! Guess what? You'll get to see me again in all my glory in tonight's episode of #NaturalHistoryMuseum: World of Wonder, at 20.00 GMT on @channel5_tv. Who's watching? 📺
Natural History Museum @NHM_London
Exactly how does a Diplodocus get a health check?

Find out tonight on #NaturalHistoryMuseum: World of Wonder, tonight at 20.00 GMT on @channel5_tv.

I won't be making new friends for a while 😭, but my #NaturalHistoryAdventure will continue when everything is safe again. I hope to see you @Nrw_Cathedral next summer! Farewell for now humans 👋
DippyOnTour photo
Rochdale Borough Council @RochdaleCouncil
Sorry to announce that in light of current restrictions @DippyOnTour won’t re-open in #Rochdale. Dippy received over 120,000 visitors & you gave him a proper northern welcome! We’re proud to have hosted him & thank you for being part of this incredible adventure. @Touchstones 👏

More than 300 children have now taken part in zoom sessions with @DippyOnTour. From co-curating our displays to meeting Dippy online, it's one of the many ways our fantastic local children have been part of Dippy's amazing journey here in Rochdale: DippyOnTour photo

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, @DippyOnTour's stay at @Nrw_Cathedral has moved to summer 2021. Exact dates will be announced in due course, so please keep an eye on our website and social media channels.