Rochdale Town Hall

The Town Hall is Grade 1 listed and one of the finest examples of Victorian gothic architecture in Europe. It was built at the height of Rochdale’s prosperity, completed in 1871 and has a very ornate interior.

In 1883, a fire destroyed the original clock tower and the library that was housed in it. The replacement clock tower was completed in 1887. It is 58m tall and houses 5 bells!

The façade of the building is covered in millstone grit, quarried in the hills above Rochdale. Millstone grit is a type of sandstone that formed over 300 million years ago (long before the dinosaurs roamed the earth).

For over 10 years there have been peregrine falcons nesting on the clock tower in the Spring. They can be viewed through a special webcam at

The building is open the public from 9am – 5pm on weekdays and regular guided tours take place.